With a wealth of experience in the design and construction of kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, Future Kitchens and Bathrooms, operated by owner/operators Paul & Andy, provide customers with an honest, friendly and professional service. The passion for our work is reflected in the quality of our work, ensuring our customers receive an expertly designed and built kitchen or bathroom. We underst and the importance of these rooms in your home; therefore, we strive to provide a high quality service to ensure these rooms are both elegant and practical. Our skills for installing cupboard units, doors, plinths and cornice means we can also install fitted bedroom furniture to the same high st andards.

Paul and Andy have worked for over 15 years in the industry and have a great team of professional installers, tilers, electrical and gas engineers, plasterer and flooring installer. Sub contractors are not used at any point.

Before any work is undertaken, we will sit with you to ascertain your specific requirements. By sustaining communication with you throughout the project, we will adapt our schedule around your needs to cause minimal disruption and inconvenience to you.

A significant benefit of choosing Future Kitchens and Bathrooms is that all work will be undertaken by ourselves or small close knit skilled team. This means that we are able to stick to the arranged deadlines, without needing to wait on other contractors to complete their specific tasks.

This is why our customers always go back to the Future!